At Grant’s Braes School we offer a wide range of physical activities and sporting opportunities, including:

  • Futsal (indoor football), touch and teeball (Terms 1 and 4)
  • Netball, kiwi hoops and hockey (Terms 2 and 3)

Summer sports draws can be found HERE.

Winter sports draws can be found HERE.

Coaches and Managers

We rely on parents and caregivers to coach and manage most sports teams, and are very fortunate to have so many parents who are willing to work with, and support, our children. Where possible we invite external organisations to provide sporting experiences within school time such as cricket and hockey coaching, and golf tuition.

Peninsula Cluster Events

Our school is also part of the Peninsula cluster, and we participate in a number of events such as the:

  • Ariki Cup cross country run
  • South Zone athletic sports

Sports Uniform  

Grant’s Braes sports uniforms must be worn for all sports games and events and occasionally extra items are required too, such as shin pads or mouth guards. The sports uniform can be ordered and purchased from Nz Uniform Shop (Moray Place).

Fair Play 

We encourage our children to demonstrate fair play and to show respect to their teammates, the opposition, the referees and their coaches. All children who register for a sports team must adhere to our Fairplay Code of Conduct which can be downloaded HERE.



Futsal (indoor soccer) is played on Tuesday or Wednesday afternoons at the Edgar Centre in Terms 1 and 4. Futsal is for all year levels and is very popular for all ages. Children require shin pads and long red socks in addition to the sports uniform.

Teeball is played at Hancock Park on Saturday mornings in Terms 1 and 4. Teeball is a great game for all ages and we offer Teeball for all year levels. Please note, if your child wishes to play Teeball in Term 4, they must also continue the season after the Christmas holidays and play in Term 1 the following year.

Netball is a winter sport played in Terms 2 and 3 at the Edgar Centre. Netball is currently offered for children of all ages, and games are played on a Tuesday afternoon.

Miniball (modified Basketball) is played on Thursdays after school in Terms 2 and 3. Games are held at the Edgar Centre and are offered for all age groups. Children are required to wear a mouthguard in addition to their sports uniform.
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Hockey is played on Wednesdays after school in Terms 2 and 3. Games are held at the hockey turf in Harbour Terrace or at Kings High School turf and are offered for Year 3-6 children. Children are required to wear a mouthguard, shin pads and long red socks in addition to their sports uniforms. Your child does not need to purchase their own hockey stick, as they can borrow one from school if needed.

Touch is played on Thursday afternoons at the Oval in Terms 1 and 4. Touch is offered for children in all age groups.