Enrichment and Extension

A key feature of the Grant’s Braes School curriculum, that broadens and sustains our students’ learning, is the provision of a range of enrichment and extension programmes.

Enrichment programmes are fun, diverse opportunities that are sourced by either teachers, outside agencies, community members, specialist events or competitions. Extension programmes are similar, but offer extra support above what is delivered within the classroom in areas in which students excel.

These opportunities may occur daily, weekly, termly or yearly. They may be planned and ongoing, or designed to respond rapidly to the developing priorities and strengths of individual students or groups of students.


Our enrichment and extension rationale can be downloaded here.


  • To enhance and extend children in an area they show an interest in. The children, at times, have a ‘voice’ and put themselves forward for these opportunities.


  • To extend and challenge the learning of a child. Students do not choose to be part of an extension group as this must be determined by the classroom teacher based on academic performance.



We actively support and encourage the teaching of new languages. We offer Enrichment and Extension programmes that not only teach new languages but also expose children to the culture.

At Grant’s Braes School we offer a variety of Extension and Enrichment programmes that promote and encourage the use of the technology process. Two years running we have submitted a project into the Transpower Neighbourhood Engineering Awards which has resulted in two awards being won.
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The use of digital technology and ICT equipment is actively encouraged at Grant’s Braes School. Through Extension and Enrichment we provide a variety of learning opportunities including robotics, e-textiles and 3D printing.

At Grant’s Braes School we provide an extension maths group that targets problem solving. This group meets weekly and competes at the yearly O'Mathlon.

The arts are an important feature of our Extension and Enrichment Programmes at Grant’s Braes School. The children have an opportunity to take part in the visual arts, music, dance and drama during their time with us.