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BOT Policy / Document Review

IMG_6516origTo help our community place feedback on important policy or documents that have been presented to the BOT we have developed a system of online feedback.

Below are links to

  • Review documents
  • Cirriculum reports
  • National standards reporting 

Please click on the links to review the policy or document.

At the bottom of the page is an online form for you to pass feedback to the BOT on any policy or document if you wish.

To help you clarify the difference between the questions involving  "content of the policy" and "implementation of the policy" further explanation is given below.

"Content of the policy / document" is about  comprehensiveness and clarity of the written policy or document. An example comment could be "Comprehensive and easy to follow"

"Implementation of the policy or document" is about how we follow and interact with what the written policyor document is saying. An example comment could be "I think we follow the procedures well and they work

Please note: In some reports data has been removed or blacked out to protect privacy.

National Standards






Curriculum Reports



Review Documents

2014 MY National Standards
2013 EOY National Standards

2014 T4 Social Science
2014 T3 SEG
2014 T3 Science
2014 T2 SEG
2014 T2 Music The Arts
2014 T2 Reading
2014 T1 SEG
2014 T1 Mathematics PAT
2014 T1 Listening Comprehension
2014 T1 Health
2014 T1 asTTle Reading
2013 T4 Junior Literacy Intervention
2013 EOY Reading
2013 EOY Mathematics
2013 T4 Technology - School Fair

2014 T4 Health Consultation
2014 T4 Inquiry Topic
2014 T3 Professional Practice
2014 T3 Cultural Diversity
2014 T1 Moderation Procedure
2014 T1 Maths Review
2014 T1 International students
2013 Maori Achievement Ka Hikatia
2013 The Arts 








Policy Currently Under Reviewed

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