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Our School has a long history of involving Year 6 students in leadership roles within the school environment. This enables them to experience responsibility with younger children, the advantage of problem solving techniques in solving conflicts between others, practicing creativity and encouragement when organizing activities for the younger children in school. The leadership education consists of two main programmes. The programmes running throughout the whole school year - eg. Pals, 'Yellow Shirts'- help them to experience an ongoing responsibility and also give them opportunity to see the development of their skills as time passes by.The two camps - one at the beginning of the year and the other in Term 4 - give them an opportunity to challenge themselves in an out-of-school environment.

Year Six students at Grant's Braes School get the opportunity to experience two camps during the year. They start the year with a leadership camp where they focus on being school leaders for the upcoming year. This camp is held over two days where the students take part in a wide range of team building activities designed to test their co-operation, patience and communication skills. Children are challenged and taught the skills they will need to work as a unit and be the role models we have come to expect from our senior students. At the end of the year, these same students will go away for a week long adventure camp where they will celebrate their time at our school and be further extended through more adventure based activities.

Year 6 Programs

First aid

First aid training is undertaken at the beginning of the year so that all students have a basic understanding before attending camp and for their roles out in the playground.

PALS (Physical Activity Leaders)

Our group of Year 6 PALS are responsible for organsing lunchtime games and activities for the children, and attend Sport Otago training sessions to learn new games to teach our children. 

Yellow shirt

Our 'Yellow Shirt' children work in the playground primarily as Peer Mediators, keeping the playground a safe and happy place for all to play, administering basic first aid when necessary.

ICT Help Desk

Our ICT Help Desk children are trained to assist children in other classes in the use of the fantastic technology we have available at our school.


Year 6 Market Day

Each year the Year 6 children run their own Market Day, selling various food items and second-hand miscellaneous items to the other children in the school. The Year 6 children have to organise this whole event, with all the funds raised going towards their end-of-year Year 6 activities.

Tirohanga Leadership Camp

In the first week of February 2016 our Year 6 Class went to Tirohanga Camp for a 2 day Leadership Camp. They competed in a series of 'Top Team' Events which were all centred around team work, communication and inclusion. The children also got to enjoy the swimming hole, water slide and confidence course as part of trying new challenges and supporting others. It was a fabulous way to mentor our Year 6 students into being the school leaders and to bond as a class. Thanks to all the parents and helpers who attended.

End of the year camp (2015)

School camps are challenging, both physically and mentally, but they are also a wonderful time for our incredibly responsible Year 6 students to be together as a group, sadly for the last time for some of them. They had a wonderful time in the lovely Central Otago where they were doing sailing, kayaking, did a travel to Arrowtown to the Lakes District Museum for a day of historical activities and information and a lot more… We would like to thank Mrs Carr and Mrs McKeever for organising and running this camp, which is one the students will always remember. We would also like to thank the parent volunteers to have accompanied us on camp, who have given up their time to make this experience amazing for all.

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