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A wiki is a website that allows users to easily create and edit pages. The characteristic that sets wikis apart from other web-based forums and discussions is that they may be authored and edited by anyone at any time. A complete history of every page is also kept. Some speak of wiki pages as never being completed and always in the process of being edited and expanded.

Rationale for Wikis

  • Supports student collaboration

  • Allows faculty and students to engage in collaborative activities that extend well beyond the classroom walls

  • Promotes pride of authorship and ownership in team activities

  • Allows flexibility, ease of use, and low barrier to entry

All classes have their own wikipages and blogs. These are part of their home and school learning programmes. Below are the links to all of our wikipages.

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Room 2 Y5 


Room 3 Y4 




Room 4 Y3

Room 5 Y2 Room 6 Y1 & 2
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Room 7 New Entrants


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