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PTA is involved in the school life in many ways.

Sausage sizzle

Twice a term PTA organizes a sausage sizzle day

School disco

The children all had a fabulous night at end of August at the School disco run by PTA and the Magic Childcare personnel.

Quiz night

Fun for the parents!

School fair

The school fair in 2015 was a huge success, despite the weather attempting to put a dampener on the proceedings. From all accounts this was a wonderful family event and it has even been reported to me, from someone not attached to the school, that it was the best school fair they had ever been to! That was high praise and equally high praise needs to go to the Fair Organising committee and the large band of helpers (school staff, parents, caregivers and community members) who made this day so successful. Well done everybody, once again the students will benefit from your hard work and dedication to our school.

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